MailFlow and 3CX a Hit at Internet Retailer!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hey everyone - for the fourth year in a row has shown VisNetic MailFlow at Internet Retailer Conference and Expo, however this year was something special as we unveiled the new 3CX Phone System and MailFlow integration that is due to be released this July. The new integration takes advantage of the CRM plug-in capabilities of the new 3CX Call Assistant that was released in conjunction with 3CX V7.1.

Essentially, MailFlow can be described as an email PBX that is used by customer service departments. It is especially useful for organizations that are using email for a customer, vendor, or partner contact point. For a few more details - see the following blog post from the recent 3CX Boot Camp that Deerfield participated in. If you are interested in previewing the new MailFlow and 3CX solution, or becoming a Deerfield reseller - send an email to sales at, or call 989-732-8856

Deerfield Shows Preview of New MailFlow/3CX Integration at 3CX Boot Camp

Friday, June 19, 2009

Last Tuesday in Chicago 46 attendees representing about 30 companies participated in 3CX sales and technical training. Attendees were greeted with a brief introduction by Brian Conway - 3CX Channel Manager, whom during his presentation shared with the group 3CX's V8 roadmap. Mike Harris from the 3CX premium partner Worksighted conducted the 3CX technical training by showing a 3CX installation, various menu options, and some basic troubleshooting. Before lunch, brief presentations were performed by 3CX distributors, and many participants walked away with giveaway prizes which included IP Phones, from SNOM and Aastra, Software from Deerfield, a VoiceGear Skype Gateway, and USB drives from 3CX.

Of particular interest - Deerfield's Mike Ryan, Product Manager showed a preview of the new integration between 3CX and VisNetic MailFlow, which is an on-premise, web-driven email "PBX" used for customer service. By utilizing the new 3CX CRM integration, Deerfield created a plug-in that allows for integration between VisNetic MailFlow and 3CX. While using VisNetic MailFlow with the 3CX CRM plug-in, users are able to received a pop-up screen on their computer (when an incoming call comes into their phone) that displays contact information about the caller from the MailFlow database. Users can instantly view the contact history of the caller by simply selecting a link; both phone and email correspondence - while also creating a new "note" for the contact during the current call which will time/date stamp and record the duration of the conversation. Typed notes recapping the call can also be stored in the note which than can be later viewed by any user with the proper credentials with a few clicks of the mouse.

In a later post - I'll detail the 3CX/MailFlow integration, but you can also get a look at it yourself by contacting Deerfield Sales here.