In with Internet Explorer 11

Friday, November 22, 2013

Deerfield Communications announces the release of VisNetic MailFlow

This is a recommended upgrade for all installations with current Maintenance. MailFlow adds support for Microsoft's latest release of Internet Explorer, version 11. 

The release of IE11 proves to be an example of why MailFlow Administrators should remain current with their Maintenance renewals.  Microsoft has begun to push-out Internet Explorer 11 to some Operating Systems as part of their Windows Update.  VisNetic MailFlow versions prior to do not support the latest changes made by Microsoft.

Contact Deerfield Communications Customer Service if you have questions about the status of your VisNetic MailFlow Maintenance.

A complete list of updates are listed in the VisNetic MailFlow Release Notes

This latest VisNeic MailFlow release may be downloaded HERE