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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

It's not uncommon for VisNetic MailFlow customers to contact us seeking ways to help control the amount of unsolicited emails, aka SPAM, from making their way into their MailFlow.  VisNetic MailFlow itself does not provide direct spam-fighting features however there are many viable, cost-effective solutions that can help, including the cloud-based service MXPurify.

MXPurify is a new generation of cloud-based email security. It’s easier, faster, more accurate, and more flexible. And with 100% Uptime Network, there's no safer solution.

By moving your email security to the cloud, you spare your organization the bandwidth, processor, and storage costs that must otherwise be dedicated to removing the email you don’t want in the first place. Moreover, you remove the administrative burden required to install and maintain a diverse set of in-house email security products.

So how does MXPurify work in a VisNetic MailFlow environment?

Once subscribed to the MXPurify service all email destined for your domain will be scoured by the MXPurify servers, providing protection from Spam, Viruses, and imposter Phishing messages.  MXPurify deletes the junk, quarantines the questionable, and then releases the good stuff to your mail server.  VisNetic MailFlow then collects the clean email from your mail server.

Even with these benefits, many firms are hesitant to give up control of their messaging security infrastructure to a cloud provider. Have a closer look at MXPurify, sign-up for a 30-day free trial and decide for yourself.

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