A Little Catching Up...

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A little catching up.  Over the past few months we have released several minor versions of VisNetic MailFlow that I have failed to blog about.  
Here is a recap of What's New.

HTML Signatures - HTML formatting options include bold, italicize, underline, hyperlinks, images, font color and more.  This addition reinforces the organization’s branding through email correspondence.

Message Composition Email Address Autofill - When composing a message, the autofill feature allows the Agent to see matching contacts as they type and quickly make a contact selection. This time-saving feature pulls from the Agent’s My Contacts.

SSL/TLS support for Message Sources and Message Destinations - Securely pass emails between MailFlow and your mail server.  Improved Gmail for Business support.  

AND/OR Logic to Ticket Subject Search - Improved search results.

Improved Message View:
  • Added option to not include copy of auto reply in Ticket to Custom Routing Rules, TicketBoxes, or AutoResponses
  • Added option to not include copy of forwarded message in Ticket to Custom Routing Rules

VisNetic MailFlow is available from our Download page.

Read the Release Notes.

If you have questions or would like a personal demonstration of these new features, send us an email at sales at deerfield.net.

Google Gmail for Business

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Organizations running Google's Gmail for Business are able to use VisNetic MailFlow to distribute, route, track, and report on their customer service emails.  VisNetic MailFlow allows organizations to continue using Google's corporate hosted email service while leveraging MailFlow to dramatically reduce their email response times for customer inquiries.

Google Apps (including Gmail for Business) have helped more than three million businesses of all sizes, in various industries around the world, save time and money, while improving how they work together securely. 

VisNetic MailFlow's ability to service companies using Google’s Gmail for Business Mail Servers demonstrates the flexibility of the product and works with all existing corporate mail servers including Exchange, Kerio, IceWarp, MDaemon and others. The integration with Gmail for Business is very secure and utilizes standard SSL enforcement for secure access.

Okay - so how do I configure VisNetic MailFlow to collect email from Google's mail servers?

Step 1. Log into your Gmail account, select Settings, then Forwarding and POP/IMAP.  Enable POP.  Save your changes.
Step 2. Log into MailFlow as an Administrator, go to Administration / Message Handling / Message Destinations
Step 3. Create a new Message Destination.
a. Server Address: smtp.gmail.com 
b. Description: This can be anything descriptive
c. Port 465
d. Use SSL/TLS: Select this option
e. Use SMTP Auth: Select this option
f. User Name: Enter your full email address
g. Password: Enter your email address password
h. Save
i. Select the Test Login button to confirm the details are authenticating correctly against Gmail's servers.

Step 4. Create a new Message Source. 
a. Server Address: pop.gmail.com 
b. Description: This can be anything descriptive
c. Port 995
d. Use SSL/TLS: Select this option
e. User Name: Enter your full email address
f. Password: Enter your email address password
g. Message Destination: Select the Destination created in Step 3
h. Save

Select the Test Login button to confirm the details are authenticating correctly against Gmail's servers.


Have questions or would like to learn more about VisNetic MailFlow? Contact us today.

Why Email Management?

Friday, June 1, 2012

Does sales@yourcompany.com or support@yourcompany.com redirect to you?  These customer emails shouldn’t be owned by just you...

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

  • You and a co-worker take care of all emails coming into a single Inbox and recently realized the both of you have been answering the same emails. After comparing notes you discover many customers were given different answers. Not only unprofessional but an inefficient use of resources.
  • All of your email dumps into a single Inbox; you spend valuable time all day, every day, forwarding messages to co-workers to answer.
  • Important sales email goes unnoticed for days because your partner forgot to check his email while out of town.
  • Your co-worker is out sick.  You need an important email exchange that is only on her computer.  The client can’t wait while you try to track down the password; instead they go to a competitor.

If this is you – you need VisNetic MailFlow!

VisNetic MailFlow is focused solely on the management of customer email. The framework is intuitive in design, so as to humanize the relationship between the customer care agent and the customer. This one-to-one relationship emulates the interactive nature of chat and voice within an email message conversation.

Similar to a phone systems routing of phone calls, VisNetic MailFlow automatically routes customer email messages to the appropriate customer care agent.

Never again will you shuffle email from one Inbox box to another, miss an important message, or suffer from the “I got it, you take it” type of mistake.  

We invite you to experience VisNetic MailFlow.  Schedule a personal demonstration.