VisNetic Mailflow's Cousin gets a Boost!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Most of you are aware that offers a companion mail server product (VisNetic MailServer aka VMS) that compliments the MailFlow email customer service solution; providing a nice on-premise solution and alternative to Microsoft Exchange.  

Well, this week we've introduced V9.3 of VisNetic MailServer to the general public after a year+ of development and testing.  There are some great new features, bug fixes and performance enhancements that make VMS the premier POP3, SMTP, IMAP, and Groupware email server in the industry!  For a complete list of features and improvements take a look here.

Using VisNetic MailServer in conjunction with MailFlow lowers administrative overhead by allowing MailFlow admin's the ability to synchronize VMS email boxes (users) with MailFlow agents.  So - once a user's mailbox is created in VMS - the same credentials are used for that individual to log into MailFlow.  Also - MailFlow can use VMS for it email send and receive functions.

For complete information on VisNetic MailServer, visit the VMS home page located here.