VisNetic MailFlow on Facebook

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Well, it had to happen - MailFlow now has it's own Facebook page. Feel free to visit, post on the wall, start a forum topic, or upload a favorite photo! We'll be updating the site regularly with info of interest to MailFlow users, and just some random chit chat between us.

In order to access all the cool features of the MailFlow Facebook page (posting to the wall, creating a discussion topic, becoming a fan, etc.), you'll need to sign up for a free Facebook account if you don't already have one. Of course if all you want to do is look first, then browsing the page will work just fine without signing up. But hey - you don't have a Facebook account already, ...what you living under a rock? Facebook is not just for college kids anymore ..

There are a few ways to quickly find the new MailFlow Facebook page:

1. If you an existing Facebook user, then just go to the Facebook page and select it from the "favorite pages" in the right pane.

2. Just go directly to the VisNetic MailFlow page here.

3. Whether you are a Facebook user or not, you can access it directly from , and if you need to you can create your new Facebook account there.

Looking forward to seeing you there!