Internet Explorer 8 (IE 8) causes the left pane in MailFlow to be expanded

Thursday, July 9, 2009

This article outlines how to resolve a display issue that is caused by Internet Explorer version 8 (IE8). This display issue would cause the left pane in VisNetic MailFlow to be stretched to the right and not allow for an Agent to view tickets or ticketboxes. (note: this has been fixed and will be in an upcoming release - however this is the current workaround for existing customers)

To implement:

1. Browse to the VisNetic MailFlow installation directory (typically c:\program files\\visnetic mailflow)

2. Navigate into the wwwroot folder.

3. Rename the following file to a temporary names:


4. Navigate to the wwwroot\javascript folder
5. Rename the following files to temporary names:

main.jmf ticketlist.jmf keycode.jmf

6. Download this file

7. Extract the contents of the zip file to the appropriate folders.

8. Have Agents clear their browser cache of temporary files and cookies in IE 8. To perform this, from within IE 8 click on Tools then select Internet Options. From the General tab click the button Delete Files. Make sure the following options are checked:

Temporary Internet Files Cookies

Once those options are verified, click the Delete button at the bottom.

9. Refresh the MailFlow login page