TicketBox Security

Friday, July 1, 2011

"How do I restrict an Agent from accessing a TicketBox?"

First a little about MailFlow's security.

VisNetic MailFlow provides a secure environment where all members of the organization can perform their job functions through the same interface without being able to view or modify privileged information. Implementing a security policy involves customizing access control lists to securable objects.

Securable objects include: Agents, TicketBoxes, Contacts, Groups, Standard Responses, Ticket Categories, Standard Reports, Scheduled Reports, Auto Reopen Tickets and Agent Audit.

Access Rights:
None/Deny: No access
Read: Read-only
List: The ability to enumerate objects in this category
Edit: Read and write access
Delete/Allow: Full access

MailFlow uses a least restrictive security model. If everyone is granted full access to a TicketBox, then creating "None" access for a particular agent will have no effect. To restrict access for one agent, lower the access level to "None" for everyone, and create a group that contains everyone but the particular agent, and grant the group full access.

Agents in the administrators group have full access to everything. The "Everyone" group also has full access by default. The first step in implementing a security policy is to lower the privileges to the "Everyone" group. The next step is to grant access to the agents and or groups that need them.