Welcome to VisNetic MailFlow 5!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Deerfield Communications is pleased to announce the availability of VisNetic MailFlow 5.0!

This much anticipated release is the first version of MailFlow to support Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and Internet Explorer 10.

Manage email from any computer - switch from your PC, to your MAC, to your iPad, and answer all your customer email regardless of platform.

MailFlow 5 brings the ability to reply to email from your iPad, Apple Mail, and even Microsoft Outlook!  This new functionality gives users accessibility never before possible in VisNetic MailFlow.

MailFlow 5 Includes: 
• Multiple Browser Support 
• Mobile Device Support 
• Remote Reply from Microsoft Outlook 
• Automated Ticket Actions 
• Enhanced Standard Responses & Auto Replies 
• Global Office Hours 
• 3CX Phone System Integration (coming in March)
• More... 

Check out the details on MailFlow’s new web site: http://www.visnetic.com

This exciting new release may be downloaded Here  

We’re already fast at work to bring another major release to you later this year. 

Enhancements to include: 
• Instant Messaging 
• Agent Status / Office Hours 
• Outbound Marketing Tools 
• Database Maintenance Improvements 
• Custom Ticket States 
• Follow-up Notifications of Assigned Tickets 
• Message AutoSave  
• Extension of Ticket Categories 
• Numerous Access Control & Routing Enhancements 

VisNetic MailFlow’s new web site VisNetic.com provides a modern streamlined design with easy navigation, quickly getting visitors to the information they need. The new design serves as a gateway to the new MailFlow YouTube channel, Facebook page, Twitter feed and Blog, convenient ways of staying abreast of what we’re working on, as well as tips & tricks to help you get the most out of VisNetic MailFlow. 

Contact us if you have any questions, and Welcome to MailFlow 5!