Agent to Agent Messaging

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

VisNetic MailFlow allows your organization to respond to customer inquiries promptly, professionally, and consistently...

VisNetic MailFlow provides a strong foundation for managing organizational email correspondence, improving service
potential where it matters most --at the point of customer contact.

The core of MailFlow's marketing message is the effective management of customer related email.  VisNetic MailFlow does an excellent job of that, but what about Agent to Agent email?  VisNetic MailFlow is not necessarily intended to replace the standard email client software for inner-office communication, but it can!

Anyone familiar with MailFlow understands the relationship between a Message, Ticket, TicketBox, and Ownership of a Ticket. MailFlow employs complex Routing Rules to ensure messages are systematically delivered to the appropriate Agent and/or TicketBox, therefore it is important one specific step be taken when sending Agent to Agent emails. I'll refer to this as Agent to Agent Messaging.

Follow these steps for Agent to Agent Messaging:

1. From Agent 1's MyTickets, select New / Ticket with Message from the ticket list toolbar.  This opens the message composition window.
2. In the TO: field enter Agent 2's email address.
3. Define a Subject as appropriate.
4. Set TicketBox and Ticket Category if desired.  The default Unassigned options are acceptable.
5. If not already, set the Ticket State to Closed.
6. IMPORTANT - Select Agent 2 as the Ticket Owner. This in turn will automatically set your Route Replies to Me, to No.
7. Close Ticket After Send: Yes.
8. Compose your message.
9. Send.

Agent 2 will receive the email in their MyTickets.  Agent 2 simply replies to the email, setting Agent 1 as the Ticket Owner.  The reply will arrive in Agent 1's MyTickets.

Once the correspondence is established between the Agents, a Ticket Note can be optionally utilized to exchange messages by simply reassigning ownership of the Ticket.

Couple this with MyFolders and you have an organized, secure, trackable solution for internal communication, with all the benefits of email management software.

Additional Agent to Agent capabilities will be introduced later this year, including Instant Messaging and Agent Inbox.

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