MS Exchange Security - no POP3? No Problem!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

In order to effectively route and manage inbound email messages, VisNetic MailFlow must first be able to retrieve them.  One of the great advantages of VisNetic MailFlow is its ability to retrieve email from any standard POP3 email account; regardless of where it is hosted or what mail server platform is used.

In VisNetic MailFlow, each individual POP3 email account is known as a Message Source. Message Sources can reside anywhere, and VisNetic MailFlow will support an unlimited number.

By default POP3 client connectivity is not enabled in Microsoft Exchange. To enable POP3 connectivity the admin must start two POP3 services, the Microsoft Exchange POP3 service and the Microsoft Exchange POP3 Backend service. When enabled, Exchange accepts unsecured POP3 client communications on port 110 and over port 995 using SSL.

A company’s security policies may restrict the use and enabling of POP3, leading a VisNetic MailFlow administrator to seek alternative email collection methods.

The DavMail Gateway uses MAPI to securely retrieve email from Microsoft Exchange. DavMail is compatible with VisNetic MailFlow and does not require POP3 services to be enabled on the Exchange Server. DavMail Gateway is a free, open source solution.

Download the VisNetic MailFlow – Alternative to POP3 Message Collection with Microsoft Exchange Setup Guide.  The Guide provides step by step instruction for configuring a DavMail Gateway for use with Microsoft Exchange and VisNetic MailFlow.