Welcome to VisNetic MailFlow 6!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Deerfield Communications is pleased to announce the availability of VisNetic MailFlow 6.0!

This new release includes many new features requested by our customers and a few we thought you would find useful.

With MailFlow 6 you can monitor the status of other Agents in real time, ensuring an Agent is available to respond to a Ticket before you assign it to them. Easily see who is on vacation, at lunch or out of the office. Agent Status helps you improve your email response time.

Do you frequently work multiple Tickets from a single contact and lose track of each Tickets' status? MailFlow 6 brings the ability to link those tickets together! With Ticket Linking that Ticket status is just a mouse click away.

Tired of typing the same email addresses over and over? Create Contact Groups and simply enter the Group Name in the To: or Cc: field. MailFlow does the rest, entering the email addresses in the appropriate address field automatically.

Have you ever wanted to send a single email message to multiple recipients and create a unique Ticket for each? Introducing MultiMail! Turn your MailFlow into an outbound messaging machine and have the responses to those messages threaded right back into their originating Ticket. With MultiMail and Contact Groups you draft one message with one group as the recipient and MailFlow automatically creates unique messages and tickets for each recipient.

Does your organization typically receive email with attachments? MailFlow 6 can place all message attachments into a single zip file and then add the zip to the message as an attachment. Your agents save time and bandwidth by downloading a single zip instead of each individual message attachment.
MailFlow 6 Includes:
  • • Ticket Linking
  • • MultiMail
  • • Contact Groups
  • • Agent Status
  • • Ticket Assignment based on Agent Status
  • • Inbound Message Attachment Zipping
  • • Multi Attachment Upload
  • • Multi Server Licensing
  • • And More...

Need assistance upgrading your MailFlow to version 6? Check out our Installation/Upgrade/Migration Support Agreement.

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Let us know if you have any questions, and Welcome to MailFlow 6!