Adding New Tools to the Blogging Toolbox

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hi All – Please bear with me as a I test a new tool for creating blog posts. Seems I’m finding myself blogging more and more these days and between the blogs I am contributing to, such as MailFlow, Mail Server, 3CX, and Dynamic DNS – it’s time for me to take a step forward toward efficiency. In addition, I will be traveling a bit these next four months and I will need a tool that will allow me to create blog posts offline, something that the various blog servers I am tied to do nToolboxot allow natively.

The tool that I am testing for this blog post is called Windows Live Writer, and it is part of the whole “Windows Live” bunch of stuff that you can get free from Microsoft. One thing that I would note is that if you only want to download and install the Writer tool – you have to be careful during the installation process and de-select all of the other bloat that is selected by default in the Windows Live Writer download manager .

So far I am impressed with it. It makes it much easier to create a blog post, and previewing it is very easy. It’s almost like using a mini version of MS Word to author your blog posts, but it’s way simpler. Adding hyperlinks, pictures (or entire photo albums), videos, tables, maps, and tabs is also quite easy. There is also a plug-in manager that allows to to install one or more of over 100 plug-in’s that are available for it. from the Windows Live Gallery.

We’ll see how it goes :-)