VisNetic MailFlow 4.0 Now Available

Monday, November 30, 2009

VisNetic MailFlow 4 vastly improves stability, scalability, security and email supervision

VMF4Banner December 1, 2009 Releases VisNetic MailFlow 4.0, the next major release of VisNetic MailFlow – the web based email customer service solution used by thousands of organizations that provides: email routing and tracking, reporting, standard responses, global contact database, customer email history, and much more.

“VisNetic MailFlow 4.0 is the next logical step in the progression of email customer service management,” said Mike Deerfield – CEO. “At the core of this release is the ability to run multiple MailFlow instances against a single database, which is a key, strategic course of development that ensures that MailFlow can scale to any size organization, while delivering a high level of availability and performance. This new load balancing capability is immediately beneficial to high volume organizations, but also provides peace of mind to smaller organizations, since as their email traffic increases, they can be confident that their email customer service platform will scale to meet their needs.”

“Also included in MailFlow 4 is the feature most commonly requested by existing customers: Outbound Message Approval. This feature is essential for training new staff members or just to collaborate on outbound messages, as it allows specified Agents to have their outbound messages approved by supervisors before the message is delivered. With these new capabilities and a series of additional enhancements, MailFlow 4.0 is a major step forward, and makes it the clear choice for organizations that value their customers’ email,” said Deerfield.

VisNetic MailFlow 4.0 Includes:

Load Balancing – By employing load balancing you will immediately see improved performance and speed, a more stable MailFlow environment and you will “future proof” your MailFlow installation, ensuring that no matter how much your email traffic increases or your company grows, MailFlow will be able to accommodate your requirements.

Load Balancing can be accomplished through distributing MailFlow Tasks such as: database maintenance, message delivery, message routing, ticket monitoring and scheduled reports over multiple servers. Another load balancing usage scenario is to install multiple MailFlow servers, then have Agents login to separate servers (e.g., Agent 1 logs into server 1, Agent 2 logs into server 2, etc.), distributing the workload between servers based on Agent logins, as opposed to tasks. Both servers will share the same database, so it will be as if they are on the same server, but the workload is distributed behind the scenes. MailFlow Load Balancing also allows for manual failover, whereby if one server goes down, another can quickly take over.

Outbound Email Approval - require Agents to have their outbound emails approved by a supervisor or group of supervisors before the message is delivered. Ideal for Agents in training, this feature allows you to oversee and collaborate on messages before they are sent.

Enhanced Alerting - New Agent level Alerts are available that provide commonly requested, immediate notifications, making Agents aware of new inbound emails, tickets assigned to them, outbound messages being approved or returned to them, and more.

Caller ID and Email History Pop Up Window - MailFlow is now capable of producing a pop up window when an inbound call is received, displaying the contact record of the caller, providing the Agent with immediate Caller ID and email history information of the contact before they answer a call.

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VisNetic MailFlow is an email management solution designed for businesses who wish to improve their level of email customer service and business intelligence. VisNetic MailFlow combines excellent affordability with super-fast deployment capability and extremely low management burden to offer an incredibly compelling value. First released in 2002, making it one of the most mature email management applications. Today, VisNetic MailFlow is used by over 22,000 agents worldwide – a sampling of which include John Hopkins Medicine, Boston Globe, Blue Nile, Gold Medal Travel Group, Guess Inc. and Lowrance Electronics. Flexible licensing terms includes a 30-day “try before you buy” download and free technical support through an online knowledgebase and email ticket support.
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