Upcoming MailFlow Release 4.5 Due in June

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Work on VisNetic MailFlow V5 continues to show good progress and is on tap for a late 4th quarter 2010 release.  For competitive purposes, we are not currentlycoming soon disclosing the V5 feature set, however we are excited that MailFlow V5 will be a spectacular release – and it will provide the most compelling software features found in an email customer service solution!  Largely built upon feature requests from its users (and a few new surprises), V5 will be the best release to date.

In the mean time – we will be offering one (or more) maintenance releases to the current shipping version 4 product.  These maintenance releases will be largely bug fixes and small improvements based upon the feedback from the MailFlow community.

Here is a list of what customers can expect in MailFlow v4.5

VisNetic MailFlow v4.5

Targeted Release Date: June 22, 2010
- Download all attachments.  The option to download all attachments from an email to the local file system with minimal clicks.
- Add attachments to Notes.   This options provides agents the ability to include attachments in the Ticket Notes. If a ticket is being reassigned between agents, this option allows files to be attached to the Notes.
- Ticket Notes Spell Checker.
- My Notes.   The "My Notes" button provides a shortcut similar to the agents Contact Notes window. The My Notes section provides the agent an internal method of creating notes independent of a Ticket, accessible via a browser.
- Split a single ticket into multiple tickets. Provides the agent the ability to create multiple tickets from one original ticket, creating a unique TicketID for the split ticket.  Useful when the original ticket contains both sales and support related questions (as example).
- Internal and External "on-hold" status. Internal "on-hold" icon represents the agent has placed the ticket on hold for additional research.  External "on-hold" indicates the agent is awaiting a reply from the sender.
- Improved efficiency for moving tickets to another TicketBox, and changing the status of a Ticket.  "Move" and "Status" buttons will be added to the toolbar. Selecting the button will produce a drop down box and Notes field. The current method of moving tickets and updating status will remain in the Ticket prosperities dialog box as well.
- Ticket Search button added to the toolbar.  Selecting the button will open the Ticket Search dialog.