VisNetic MailFlow 4.5 Released

Monday, August 2, 2010

VisNetic MailFlow 4.5 includes a combination of frequently requested features that allow Agents to be more efficient, accurate and flexible.

VisNetic MailFlow V4.5 provides the following enhancements and features:

Splitting Messages - provides the ability to create multiple tickets from one original message, creating unique Ticket ID's for the split message. This feature is useful when the original ticket requires responses from multiple parties.
Download All Attachments - download all attachments from an email to the local file system with minimal clicks. This new feature makes downloading attachments quicker and more efficient.
My Notes - provides the agent an internal method of creating notes independent of a Ticket, accessible via a browser.
Add Attachments to Notes - when a Ticket is being reassigned between Agents, this option allows files to be attached to the Notes.
Ticket Notes Spell Checker - now Agents can spell check Ticket Notes, ensuring that internal communication is more accurate and easy to understand.
Internal and External "On-Hold" Status - internal "on-hold" icon indicates the Agent has placed the Ticket on hold for additional research. External "on-hold" indicates the Agent is awaiting a reply from the sender.
"Move" and "Status" Buttons - improves efficiency for moving Tickets to another TicketBox and changing the status of a Ticket. "Move" and "Status" buttons are added to the MailFlow toolbar. Selecting the button will produce a drop down box and Notes field.
"Ticket Search" Button - this new button has been added to the MailFlow toolbar. It provides Agents with quick, easy access to locate any Ticket through a wide variety of criteria.

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