Using Google Chrome with MailFlow

Friday, March 11, 2011

VisNetic MailFlow was designed to be used by desktop computers running Windows and Internet Explorer. Now, through the use of a free plug-in you can use MailFlow with Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome. Similar to the IE Tab when using Firefox we have seen no degradation of performance with Chrome, and it is solid as a rock.

In order to use Chrome with VisNetic MailFlow, the following plug-in must be installed and applies only to Windows operating systems.

IE Tab

Follow these steps:

1. Open Google Chrome and go Here
2. You should be prompted with an IE Tab Install button.
3. Select Install
4. Once installed you will find a new IE button up on the toolbar alongside the Chrome setting button.
5. Right-click the IE tab button and go to Options.
6. In the Auto URL section specify the URL you access MailFlow with, followed by a /*
(For example:* )
NOTE: All entries need http:// before adding and also need /* at the end.

Now when you open your VisNetic MailFlow login page in Chrome the page will load in an IE Tab.

Never tried Chrome? Download it today.