MailFlow Keyboard Shortcuts

Thursday, May 24, 2012

VisNetic MailFlow supports the use of Keyboard Shortcuts within designated Ticket and Message lists and within message edit dialogs.

 Keyboard shortcuts are combinations of two or more keys that, when pressed, can be used to perform a task that would typically require a mouse.  Keyboard shortcuts can make it easier to interact with your computer, saving you time and effort as you work with VisNetic MailFlow.

Ticket List Shortcuts
The following shortcut keys can be utilized in Ticket List dialogs such as My Tickets, TicketBoxes and Ticket Search results.

Key Combination       Action
Alt + C                       Open Contact Dialog
Alt + G                       Get Oldest Ticket
Alt + N                       Open Notes Dialog
Alt + O                       Take Ownership of Ticket
Alt + P                        Show Ticket Properties
Alt + R                        Reassign Ticket
Alt + F1                       Display Help
Alt + F5                       Refresh Page
Ctrl + A                       Select All
Ctrl + M                       New Message for selected Ticket
Ctrl + T                        New Ticket with Message
Ctrl + N                        New Ticket with Note
Ctrl + R                        Restote Ticket (Search results only)
Ctrl + D                        Delete selected Ticket(s)
Spacebar                     Toggle Ticket Open/Close
Home                           Move to Top of List
End                              Move to End of List
Right Arrow                 Open Ticket
Left Arrow                   Close Ticket
Down Arrow                Move down List
Up Arrow                     Move up List

The following shortcut keys can be utilized when a Ticket is toggled open and a single message is selected.

Key Combination           Action
Alt + C                           Open Contact Dialog
Ctrl + P                           Print Message
Ctrl + L                           Reply to All
Ctrl + F                           Forward Message
Ctrl + O                           Open Message in new Window
Ctrl + R                           Reply to Message
Ctrl + D                           Delete Message
Ctrl + Q                           Mark Message as Read
Ctrl + U                           Mark Message as Unread
Ctrl + V                           Move Message
Enter                               Open Message in new Window
Home                              Move to Top of List
End                                 Move to End of List
Down Arrow                   Move down List
Up Arrow                        Move up List

Message List Shortcuts
The following shortcut keys can be utilized in message list dialogs such as Sent Items, Drafts and Outbox.

Key Combination            Action
Alt + C                            Open Contact Dialog
Alt + R                            Revoke Message (Outbox only)
Ctrl + T                           New Ticket with Message
Ctrl + N                           New Ticket with Note
Ctrl + P                           Print Message
Ctrl + R                          Reply to Message
Ctrl + L                           Reply to All
Ctrl + F                           Forward Message
Ctrl + D                           Delete Message (Drafts only)

Message Composition Shortcuts
The following keyboard shortcut keys can be utilized in message composition dialogs such as New Message, Reply, Forward, etc.

Key Combination              Action
Esc                                   Close Window
Alt + A                             Select Attachment Tab
Alt + C                             Open Contact Dialog
Alt + P                              Select Compose Tab
Ctrl + P                             Print Message
Ctrl + Q                            Close Window
Ctrl + S                             Save Message as Draft
F7                                     Spellcheck Message

Note: All key combinations are case insensitive.