A Little Catching Up...

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A little catching up.  Over the past few months we have released several minor versions of VisNetic MailFlow that I have failed to blog about.  
Here is a recap of What's New.

HTML Signatures - HTML formatting options include bold, italicize, underline, hyperlinks, images, font color and more.  This addition reinforces the organization’s branding through email correspondence.

Message Composition Email Address Autofill - When composing a message, the autofill feature allows the Agent to see matching contacts as they type and quickly make a contact selection. This time-saving feature pulls from the Agent’s My Contacts.

SSL/TLS support for Message Sources and Message Destinations - Securely pass emails between MailFlow and your mail server.  Improved Gmail for Business support.  

AND/OR Logic to Ticket Subject Search - Improved search results.

Improved Message View:
  • Added option to not include copy of auto reply in Ticket to Custom Routing Rules, TicketBoxes, or AutoResponses
  • Added option to not include copy of forwarded message in Ticket to Custom Routing Rules

VisNetic MailFlow is available from our Download page.

Read the Release Notes.

If you have questions or would like a personal demonstration of these new features, send us an email at sales at deerfield.net.