MailFlow Test Drive

Monday, July 2, 2012

Customer Service Managers - Are you looking for a logical organization of email so the right individuals or groups are receiving the correct messages? Would you like to have a tool that guarantees an increase in productivity while ensuring a prompt response to every email?

Perhaps a solution to collaborate on customer email while reviewing a history of correspondence?  Are you looking for a secure, easy-to-learn solution with notifications, reporting, and more?  Look no further, you've found it, VisNetic MailFlow!

Take VisNetic MailFlow for a Test Drive.

Managers have told us it's often time consuming or difficult trying to get the IT Department to install evaluation software onto one of "their" servers.  We've eliminated the hassle by making an evaluation of MailFlow available on our server!

Evaluate VisNetic MailFlow for FREE on your server or ours for 30 days.

You can Download VisNetic MailFlow from HERE  

Test Drive VisNetic MailFlow on our servers - drop us an email at: demo at