3CX and VisNetic MailFlow Integration

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hey All;

Just a heads up. Deerfield.com is very close to having 3CX/MailFlow integration. This will allow MailFlow agents (users) to originate 3CX phone calls from a MailFlow contact record, or ticket with a simple click of a button. There is also a pop-up window that will allow agents to type in notes summarizing the call and an automatic timer that will time/date stamp the call and its duration. These notes will be attached to a ticket or contact record.

The basic way it works is this; Let's say that you're working in MailFlow and either viewing a ticket, or a contact record. You realize that you need to call the contact for whatever reason. You click the call button and your extension will ring at your desk, and you will pick it up as you would any other call. Once you pick it up (either via handset, or speakerphone) it will immediately call the other party. Simultaneously - a "Phone Notes" edit box will appear which will contain a time/date stamp, and a timer. Once the call is complete - just hit the "stop" button and the duration of the call will be displayed and recorded. You will also be able to type notes summarizing the call. Hit the save button - and Wolah.. you have a new contact record/ticket event recorded that will be viewable along with any other history associated with that contact record! Now you will have a single place to record all email and voice communications with your customers or contacts.

Contact records can have multiple phone numbers and these will be selectable from a drop down box and state is saved for defaults. Dialing rules are defined at the server level and can also be selected via drop down and state is saved.

For 3CX and MailFlow customers this should be pretty useful.