MailFlow V3.8 Release Notes

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

We're very close to a GA release of MailFlow V3.8, which will include some useful new features! Please find below the product release notes:

VisNetic MailFlow 3.8 - Features and Enhancements:

VoIP Integration - VisNetic MailFlow is now able to authenticate directly with PBX servers, allowing users to manage their email and voice communications centrally on the MailFlow server. Outbound telephone calls can now be initiated directly within MailFlow using the phone numbers associated with each Contact record. VisNetic MailFlow currently supports 3CX IP PBX for Windows.

Click to Call - initiate a phone call with a click, simply by selecting the appropriate contact, then clicking the Dial option. A phone call is initiated through the PBX, causing the extension to ring. When the Agent picks up the phone, the call is immediately made to the contact.

Phone Call Time Stamps and Notes - when a call is initiated in MailFlow a timer automatically starts. When the Agent completes the call and selects to stop the timer, the call time is recorded in the contact record. Conversation notes can also be recorded for each phone call, giving MailFlow users access to complete phone conversation history information.

Bulk Options - users may now take a bulk action on all of the tickets within a Ticketbox, including: moving tickets to a new ticketbox, and closing or deleting all tickets.

(GM Release)

o Feature Enhancement: Added support for outbound VOIP calls via the 3CX IP PBX Server.

o Feature Enhancement: Added support for Phone Notes associated with Tickets and/or Contacts.

o Resolved Defect: Fixed issue where Purge All Tickets from trash would fail.

o Feature Enhancement: Added Bulk Actions option to TicketBoxes (Delete All and Change TicketState).

o Resolved Defect: Fixed issue where attachments of Content-Type: message/rfc822 were not being saved (are now saved as .eml files).

o Feature Enhancement: Added support for Ticket Lists and InboundMessage date utilizing the Email Date/Time.

o Feature Enhancement: Extended Ticket Search to include search by Inbound Message Date/Time.