Making the Case for Customer Service Email Management

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Why Do I Need VisNetic MailFlow?

The Internet provides streamlined, cost-effective channels for delivering products and services to customers. As a result, email communications are growing faster than any other form of customer interaction.

According to the Software Support Professionals Association, the average cost of a call center support call is $53, while email support queries cost only around $3 per message. For this reason, many organizations are actively encouraging email communications as the preferred means of customer interaction.

But as email load levels continue to grow explosively, responding to customer email inquiries will become more of a challenge. And according to Gartner Group, over 90% of enterprises are not adequately prepared to handle even current customer email volumes.

Meanwhile, traditional CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions have distanced themselves from the average business by being incredibly expensive ($30-100k+), difficult to manage, and requiring serious cultural changes to foster internal adoption. Ironically, small to medium sized businesses, with their limited budgets and strong focus on customer service, actually have the most to gain from the CRM concept.

VisNetic MailFlow is the equalizer your organization needs to stay effective and competitive in today's business environment. It quickly pays for itself by preventing the loss of a single customer.

Ask yourself these critical questions: How much email do you receive each day? Who replied to those emails, if anyone? What's the current status of those email inquiries (and customers)? What are customers asking of your company? Are customers receiving the right answers? How long do email messages remain unanswered (on average)? Who is answering emails the most efficiently & effectively? If the answers to the questions above are unavailable or unclear, then VisNetic MailFlow can help you to get a handle on these (and many other) critical customer relations issues.

More information:

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